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National Parks and Cultural Tours:

Arusha National Park

In this NP there are a lot of animals to spot: Giraffes, buffalos, warthogs, zebras, rhinos, baboons, bluemonkeys, black and white Colobusmonkeys. "Dangerous" wild animals like lions are not to be found in this park.
Arusha NP is the only NP where you are allowed to walk. We made a walksafari with Ranger Joseph. During this walk we have seen a lot of buffalos. We also have visited a waterfall. It was very refreshing. We have stay in Momella Lodge.
It is very nice if you wake up in the morning and you look outside and you see in Giraffe in front of you. A visit to Arusha NP is very recommendable if you want to be "close" to nature.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003

Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara was our first National Park and it was beautiful. Lots and lots of animals combined with a spectacular scenery. We saw Blue Monkeys, Baboons, Zebras, Giraffes, Lions, Elephants, Storks, Vultures, Hippos, Pelikans, Wildebeest, Warthogs, dik-dik's and Impalas. It was all within half a day. Our visit was blessed with two tree climbing lions. I can highly recommend a visit.
Lone Tofteby, 2008

In the middle of this park you can find lake Manyara. It is a salt-lake. There are many flamingo's and other birds like the Maribu.
I have visited a Hotspring. It was really very hot!! Not only through the outside temperature! The water which comes out of the ground has a temperature op 70˚. It is sulphurous and one says that the water is medicinal.  I have seen a lot of animals: Baboons, elephants, zebras, impalas, giraffes, Thomson's gazelles, Grant's gazelles, Hartebeest, Warthogs, Striped hyenas. I have seen baby hyenas playing together. They were not very impressed by us. I like hyenas very much because they look so silly. I was very impressed when I saw a group of animals existing of buffalos, hyenas and zebras. All together!
I have also been at the Boabob. This is a magnificent big tree! In the park there is also a hippo pool. It is so magnificent to see those animals.
Lake Manyara National Park is really worth visiting.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003

Mkomazi Wildreservation

We visited this park on our way to Usambara Mountains. It is very small park near Arusha. This reservation had just burn down. It was tragic to see. Even more if you realize what happened to all the wildlife. All our three driverguides were very down when they saw it. They are so concerned with their country and the wildlife. I hope I have the possibility to visit this Park another time.
The day after our visit to Mkomazi Wildreservation we went to Usambara Mountains. On our way we stopped in Soni, a little village near Loshoto. I am always so impressed by the colors and the sphere. I cannot describe it, you have to feel it, you have to see it yourself.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003

Momella Lake

This lake is also to be found in Arusha National Park. Here you find a great number of Flamingo's. From a distance you see a strike of pink. They make a nice sound. There are also a lot of other birds like the Sacred Ibis, the black-winged Stilt
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003

Mto Wambu

The cultural tour of the mosquito village was very interesting. The guide was very well educated and informed about history, the demograpics of the area and about the flora of the area as well as the life in the village. We were told and shown around and topics like rice production, distribution of water, housebuilding, carventry, banana production, art of painting and banana beer production. Well worth the fee.
Peter Momme, 2008

This is a village in the neighbourhood of Manyare National Park. We made a walk along rice-fields and banana plantations. A tourguide from SNV accompanied us together with two other local guides. They told us about the way of living and the activities of the people of Mto Wa Mbu. And of course Masai Kokan was also there to accompany us.
We have seen a tradional medicineman and we have seen how local beer is made. We also tasted it.  We also visited a kind of factory where with the aid of a machinery rice is husked and corn is grinded to corn flour. People of Mto wa Mbu make beautyfull things of bananaleaves.
Walking through a village and talk with the people gives you a little bit reflection of how people live.
One of the highlights was the three guides from Mto Wa Mbu and Masai Kokan singing the song "Jambo, Jambo bwana" for us. We tried to learn them a dutch song: "hoofd, schouders knie en teen". 
Visiting Mto Wa Mbu is recommendable if you want to know more about the living of the people.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003

Mulala village: Agape Women's Group

A walk to Mulala village is very nice. You find your way up the mountain through a maze of lush, green vegetation dotted with small farms. The women of Mulala have united themselves
in the form of the Agape Women's Group. This is a project executed with advice from onder andere SNV the Netherlands Development Organisation.  Through this group they try to support economic activities of the members and to improve the schools.  We visited Mama Anna. She showed us how she makes their own cheese. There is nice garden where you can relax. We have also made a trip through the coffee and banana farms.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003

Munduli Mountains

Under charge of masaiguide Jacob (he lives in the Manyatta) we have made a walk at the Great rift valley. We have seen a lot of Manyatta's. A Manyatta is a Masai village. The wideness of nature is very impressing even as to see how the traditional Masai lives. We were able to see a cottage inside. I was very impressed of their way of living. We have had a lot of explanation about the living of the Masai and how the cottages are made.
A trip to this place is very recommendable if you want to know more about the Masai.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003


After Lake Manyara and Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater was less exciting - we thought, but we did have encounters with a rhino, flamingos, water buffalos that we didn't elsewhere. We also saw zebras, lions, hyenas, ostriches, jackals and an old elephant. One entrance was sufficient. Interesting place and wonderfull view from the lodge.
Anja Riesgaard, 2008


Leopards are rare to find we were told, but we saw two. One was relaxing in a tree. The other one walked just beside our car, lay down before us, walked across and climbed a small tree posing for photographers it seemed, but fantastic never the less. We followed the migration with tons of wildebeets and zebras, we found lots of lions, four cheetas, a cerval cat, hyenas, jackals, elephants, impalas everywhere, hippos at their pools, vultures, ostrich,  owls, secretary bird and several birds of prey. Fantastic experience.
Ole Andersen, 2008

."Karibu hifadhi ya Serengeti": Welcome to Serengeti.
I have seen lions for the first time in my life!! The most adorable moment was that a female lion was replacing her baby's to another place. She carried the little one in her mouth. And she was not afraid of us. She walked beside our car and we could take beautiful pictures. Amazing.
Another highlight was seeing a leopard lying on a bench in a tree. Thanks to our driverguide Masai Kokan. The leopard is his favourite animal.
We had a lunch in the middle of the wilderness. We were allowed to get out of the car and when you are outside it is such a great feeling. I felt so small in this untouched nature. 
In this NP there are lions, hippos, giraffes, elephants, zebras, topis, Thomson's gazelles, crocodiles, Gnus (Wildebeest) and a lot of birds like, glossy starling, ostrich, secretary bird, Guineafowl.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003

Usambara mountains

This area looks very different from the other area's I have seen. Much greener, other kind of trees and vegetation. It is worth  also visiting this part of Tanzania.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003



Masai was an excellent guide for our group. We had a full private tour of northern Tanzania and we had a great time with loads of fantastic wildlife viewing and lots of fun. Masai always managed to track down something interesting. He said he was lucky, but I think it was due to his skills. He clearly had friends everywhere and he is certainly a person that can be trusted. He always did his best to make the trip a once in a life time experience - and that was exactly what we got.
Ole Andersen, 2008.

Our guide Masai is a very nice guy, good humor and communications skills in english. He was very knowledgable about the national parks and the behaviour of wildlife. He demonstrated excellent tracking skills and found wildlife that others didn't. He was always ready to come up with new proposals for the daily game drives, but always open and listened to our individual needs. He was widely known and respected by the other guides we met and he made our trip a fantastic experiences.
Peter Momme, 2008

He is very good driver guide. He knows a lot about the NP's and the animals, not only the mammals but also the birds. He loves his country very much and he is proud of his country. You notice this when he drives around with you. He is so enthusiastic. When he is your driver guide, your safari is definitely a success. He also accompanied me at a local market, a local pub and I have visiting his parents too. With him you can also see more about the real life in Tanzania. You have the possibility to meet the local people.
For Masai Kokan it is very important that you enjoy your holiday. He takes good care of his visitors. So if you have the possibility take Masai Kokan as your driver- and tour-guide and you will loose your heart forever to Tanzania.
Henriëtte Zwartjes, 2003


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